Neem Fruit Powder (Vepa Pindi) 100% Pure By CSR ORGANICS (5 KG)

Neem Fruit Powder (Vepa Pindi) 100% Pure By CSR ORGANICS (5 KG)

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Neem Fruit Powder: 

Nutrients play a very important role in the growth of any living thing. Plants require nutrient-rich and fertile soil for healthy growth. So in order to maintain the fertility of the soil, we need to add the essential components to the soil. Here is one such component that not only provides the nutrients but also protects the plants from diseases.

Neem can be incorporated into agriculture in so many ways. For example neem oil, neemastram.

Neem Powder is used as a soil supplement that enriches the soil and lowers nitrogen loss. Neem Powder works as an organic fertilizer as well as a natural nematicide. Neem Powder is used as an organic fertilizer as it is composed of various micro and macronutrients. It improves the soil texture and increases the plant's productivity. As it is made of neem seeds, it also protects the plants from getting affected by diseases.

Neem cake acts as manure and pest repellent, thus has made it a favored input for agriculture. When Neem cake is incorporated with soil, it protects plant roots from soil insects, nematodes, and white ants. Neem cake can also reduce alkalinity in soil by producing organic acids when mixed with soil, the calcium and magnesium present in Neem cake also reduces alkalinity in the soil.

While Neem cake has a broad spectrum of action active on more than 200 species of pests, it is harmless to non-target.

How to use Neem Fruit Powder: 

Direction for use: Add around 250 gms of Neem Powder to 1 square foot of surface and mix it well.

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