Neemastram/Neemastra Organic Insectiside for Home / Terrace Gardens (1 Ltr)

Neemastram/Neemastra Organic Insectiside for Home / Terrace Gardens (1 Ltr)

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Product Description

Neemastram/Neemastra Organic Insectiside: 

Neem leaves have amazing pesticidal properties. They also act as fungicide as well as have anti-bacterial properties. Moreover, neem also acts as a fertilizer.

That’s why if you are willing to start organic farming or gardening then you can not avoid the importance of neem.

generally, we spray neem oil mix to save our plants or crop. But, neemastra is an advanced version of the neem oil mix.

Benifts of Neemastra/Neemastram

Because of the presence of neem extract, this organic pesticide is highly effective in controlling a wide range of pests. However, this pesticide is mainly effective for sucker pests, rice weevil, caterpillars etc. It also improves the fertility of the soil.

It can also be stored for 6 months.

How to use Neemastra/Neemastram

You can either use this organic pesticide periodically once every month in the form of foliar spray. Or whenever your plant or crop gets infested with pest the spray this solution during early mornings or evenings.

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