Yellow Pear Tomato Seeds

Yellow Pear Tomato Seeds

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Plant Name: Yellow Pear Tomato  

Sowing Season:

  • All Season.

Soil requirements: 

  • The right type of soil is very important as nutrition is required for the growth of the plant. 
  • A mix of soil requires Red soil, Vermicompost, and Coco peat in respective ratios (40: 40: 20). Also, add a handful of Neem cake to each pot to keep the soil pest-free.

Container Specification:

  • Take Container/Grow bag with minimum 12-inch height.
  • Preferably 12X12 Or 15X15 Or 12X15 inch Grow bags or even bigger as per requirement


  • Sow your seeds 12-14 cm apart at a depth of  0.5 cm.
  • Keep soil moist to speed germination and encourage quick growth.
  • Water regularly.
  • Germination will take place in 6-8 days
  • Plant seedlings two feet apart.
  • Pinch off a few lower branches of the transplants, and plant the root ball deep enough so that the remaining lowest leaves are barely above the surface of the ground.
  • Harvest in 80-90 days from sowing

Plants Caring:

  • Tomatoes need a minimum of 6 hours of sun to produce fruit, but 8 or more hours of sun will produce the best results.
  • Water thoroughly to encourage the tomato roots to look for water and nutrients deep in the ground. When watering, soak the soil to a depth of at least 6 to 8 inches.
  • The pests that attack tomatoes might cause symptoms like chewed stem, defoliation, holes in leaves, etc. The main pests which prove harmful to the plant are - Aphids, Flea Beetles, Tomato Hornworm, Whiteflies, Blossom-End Rot, Late Blight, Mosaic Virus.
  • Check the plants regularly and spray neem oil and Panchagavya to keep the insects away. Add a handful of compost/organic manure every 10-15 days for each pot to make sure the soil has enough nutrition to grow plants.


  • Tomatoes can be harvested 60-70 from the sowing of seeds & harvesting season can continue for the next 3 months or so.

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