Organic Manure Ready Mix For Better Yield / Flowering (2KG)

Organic Manure Ready Mix For Better Yield / Flowering (2KG)

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Product Description

Enriched Organic Manure

It is a pure, organic, and high-quality ready mix of 8 most essential compounds such as, 

Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria (N.F.B)

Phosphorous Solubilizing Bacteria ( P.S.B)

Potassium Solubilizing Bacteria (K.S.B)


Trichoderma Verdi


Pseudomonas Flurescence

Rock Phosphate

 Benefits of using Enriched Organic Manure

  • NSB(Nitrogen) in this product promotes leaf development. Gardeners sometimes encounter the problem of nitrogen depletion which causes yellow leaves in plants. NSB prevents yellow leaves in plants.

    • PSB(Phosphorus) in this product plays a key role in the growth of roots, blooming, and fruiting, which is why it is an essential nutrient for your plants in spring. KSB(Pottasium) in this product plays a key role in root growth as well as in stem development.
    •  VAM provides the plants with the necessary strength to resist disease and unfavorable weather conditions, and it also helps increasing yield and crop quality.
    • Trichoderma Viride has a fast growth and reproduction rate, and can quickly absorb and utilize nutrients, water, space, and oxygen in the soil, thus worsening the living environment of plant pathogens.
    • Neem is one such component that not only provides the nutrients but also protects the plants from diseases.
    • Pseudomonas promote plant growth by suppressing pathogenic micro-organisms and also synthesis growth-stimulating plant hormones and promotes increased plant disease resistance.
    • Rock Phosphate in this product increases phosphorus in soil which intern encourages root growth and helps plants to uptake nutrients from the soil.

    How to use Enriched Organic Manure

    This product is also known as Magic Fertilizer has all the nutrients that the plant requires, just add it to your pots along with the potting mix/ to your garden soil, and start planting. It is that simple, very useful for beginners who just started gardening and who are struggling to find out what goes into the pots at what ratio.  

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