CSR Potting Mix For Plant Strength 100% Organic (2KG)

CSR Potting Mix For Plant Strength 100% Organic (2KG)

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Product Description

CSR Enriched Organic Potting Mix: Potting mix is the ideal choice for growing plants in containers (also called pots or planters) because it's lightweight and provides good drainage. Heavier soils hold water more than potting mix, and plants that sit in containers filled with heavy, wet soil can get root rot and a whole host of other issues.

When you visit a beautiful garden, the first question that comes to your mind is what potting mix they have used. Some will share and some don’t, so here are some characteristics for a good potting soil mix.

  • Nutrition
  • Well draining
  • Water and moisture retention
  • Infection and pest free
  • Free from weeds

Most potting soil is used in planters /pots. Almost all veggies and flower plants need nutrient-rich soil. A good quality soil should be free from stones, lumps and should be rich in nutrients. Don’t use the normal soil which contains lots of stones and lumps. These are never good for growing plants. So make sure to select a potting mix that has the above characteristics.

We suggest you use coco peat as the potting mix because of its additional benefits compared to normal soil. Coco peat is lightly weighted so they are more flexible and easy to carry. Compared to normal soil coco soil is odorless and pleasant to handle. It also has good drainage/ aeration. Since it is made up of coconut fiber it doesn’t contain any stones. Coco peat is the best growing medium for pot plants, but coco peat doesn’t contain any nutrition.

So, in addition, you have to add vermicompost or any organic plant food, which provides sufficient nutrition for the plants. Plant location and water retention also influence the choice of potting mix, Plants in indirect light or shade do not lose water as quickly as outdoor plants. A lighter potting mix would be sufficient for these plants. While the plants in full sun need a medium- weight soil that holds water well. The organic potting soil mix is best suitable for container gardening. Organic potting soil contains nutrient-rich organic materials in various stages of decomposition.

How to use Enriched Potting Mix

Mix with an equal quantity of cocopeat and vermicompost and add it to your pots.

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