Organic Jaggery - 1kg (No added color or Sugar)

Organic Jaggery - 1kg (No added color or Sugar)

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5 Awesome benefits of Organic jaggery:

1. Prevent and relieve constipation

Jaggery has the natural properties to stimulate the flow of digestive enzymes which go a long way in both preventing and relieving constipation. It also induces bowel movements which can clear up any bad food stuck in your system. 

2. Detoxification of liver

Being a natural body cleanser, organic powder jaggery can take off a part of the workload of your liver. Help yourself to a tablespoon of jaggery at the end of every large meal and jaggery will lend your digestive system a helping hand.

3. Blood purifier

There is no dearth of natural blood purifiers offered by nature but none of them come in the versatile form of jaggery. Be it in liquid or powder form, jaggery helps flush out toxins from your body and cleanse your blood. 

4. Fights common cold and cough

Seasons of virals and flu are common, the best armor against them is to develop a strong immune system that can beat every form of common cold and cough. Jaggery can help you reach that goal without sweating or spending a lot of money on artificial boosters. 

5. Source of carbohydrates

Carbohydrates may primarily be bad for your diet but not all forms of carbohydrates need to be admonished. Some like jaggery can be consumed in multiple forms and can do wonders for your body by keeping it healthy and fit. 

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