Celosia Pulmosa Seeds

Celosia Pulmosa Seeds

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Number of seeds: 8~12 per pack

Celosia Pulmosa is a variety of celosia plant, also known as woolflower or cockscomb, which is a popular ornamental plant. The Celosia Pulmosa variety is known for its unique and striking appearance, which features woolly or fuzzy flower heads.

The flowers of Celosia Pulmosa are typically a deep, vibrant red color, although some varieties may also be yellow, orange, or pink. They are arranged in large, dense clusters, with each flower head made up of hundreds of tiny, woolly blooms.

When grown in the right conditions, Celosia Pulmosa can grow up to 1-2 feet in height and 1-2 feet in width. It prefers a warm, sunny location and well-draining soil.

Celosia Pulmosa seeds can be sown directly into the soil in the spring or summer. They require regular watering and may benefit from a balanced fertilizer every two weeks to promote healthy growth and flowering. Deadheading the spent flowers can also help to prolong the blooming period.

Overall, Celosia Pulmosa is a great choice for anyone looking to add some unique and eye-catching texture to their garden or landscape. Its striking appearance and bright colors make it a popular choice for cut flower arrangements and as a decorative addition to outdoor spaces.

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