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9 x 9 Home Farming Grow Bag

ShapecircularSize9 inch dia x 9 inch hightColorGreen & OrangeHeight9 inches or 3/4 feetDiameter9 inches 3/4 feetSize of usageSmallThickness200 GSMWater drainage holeAvailableIn our extensive produ..

Brown Plastic Pots by CSR ORGANICS

Material:Plastic, Color:BrownSize available: 4inch, 5inch, 6inch, 7inch, 8inch, 9inchPackage Contents: 1-Pieces PotsWidely used in nursery as well as for home gardeningIdeal for indoor/Outdoor potted ..


Indoor/Outdoor (Set of 2) Planter by CSR ORGANICS

₹425 ₹497
Items: Set of 2 Indoor/Outdoor Pots..