Double Color Balsam Flower Seeds/ Impatiens Balsamina / Double Color Chilaka Mokka Seeds

Double Color Balsam Flower Seeds/ Impatiens Balsamina / Double Color Chilaka Mokka Seeds

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Number of seeds: 10 ~ 15 per pack


  1. The nursery bed has to be prepared finely by adding farmyard/organic manure.
  2. Sand Groves of 0.5 cm have to be made.
  3. Sow the seeds 0.5 cms apart and cover them with the layer of soil.
  4. After 4 weeks the seedlings will be ready for transplanting to the flower beds or blooms appear. 

Balsam Mixed Seeds are the seeds of the Impatiens balsamina plant, a popular annual flowering plant native to India and other parts of Asia. The plant is also commonly known as garden balsam or touch-me-not, due to the seed pods that explode when touched.

Balsam Mixed Seeds are available in a variety of colors, including white, pink, red, and purple, and can produce double or single flowers. The flowers are typically large, showy, and resemble roses, making them a popular choice for gardens, borders, and containers.

When grown in the right conditions, Balsam plants can grow up to 12-24 inches in height and can spread up to 8-12 inches in width. They prefer a sunny to partially shady location and well-draining soil.

Balsam Mixed Seeds are easy to grow and can be sown directly into the soil in the spring or summer. They require regular watering and should be fertilized every two weeks with a balanced fertilizer to promote healthy growth and flowering. Deadheading the spent flowers can also help to prolong the blooming period.

Overall, Balsam Mixed Seeds are a great choice for anyone looking to add some color and beauty to their garden or landscape. They are easy to grow, low maintenance, and produce stunning flowers that can add a pop of color and fragrance to any outdoor space.

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